The Prayer
Eng Kai Er (Singapore)

The Prayer

22 - 23 February 2012, 8pm
The Substation Theatre

Fringe Commission / World Premiere / Co-presented with The Substation

The Prayer is a solo dance-theatre performance piece with existentialist questions at its heart. What are we on Earth for? Why should we continue existing? How can we be cheerful, when we have discovered the terrible secret that life is meaningless? These questions are explored but remain unanswered. The quest to find the answers results in a performance piece that is dark, desperate, and yet funny.

Relationship to Art & Faith

"I interpret "Faith" as an act of believing that depends more on hopefulness than on evidence. The protagonist in my show demonstrates faith. When there is no evidence available to her that her life has any purpose, she needs faith: she needs courage and strength to hope that her life is not as futile as it appears to be."

- Eng Kai Er

Photo credits: Martin Eklund