[Black Square]
Van Huynh Company |
The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (UK | Hong Kong)

25 - 26 February 2012, 8pm
Esplanade Theatre Studio
$30 / $19

www.damvanhuynh.com | www.hkapa.edu

Festival Highlight

Van Huynh Company was founded by Dam Van Huynh to further the exploration of the human body and its relationship through time and space. Inspired by everyday life and people, Dam’s choreographies are grounded in reality and dig further to access a deeper layer of conscience.

In his latest creation, [Black Square], Dam studies the body in its most infinite parts, and through details from everyday observation of people, depicts society. At times, the dancers move like loosened marionettes with disobedient limbs wanting to be liberated. As they invade the stage to break and shatter the space gradually, their encounters reveal themselves as ferocious fights between human beings in an individualistic society.

[Black Square] is a stunning piece of choreography that stirs up space to reveal new dimensions, taking the audience to the core of the experience.

“Van Huynh has found his own very stylised world, and has perfected the art of drawing an audience into it.”
- Anna Crofts, Critical Dance Magazine.com, July 2009

Relationship to Art & Faith

“Back of every creation, supporting it like an arch, is faith. Enthusiasm is nothing: it comes and goes. But if one believes, then miracles occur.”
- Henry Miller

Each individual is unique and bears within himself his own faith.

Human beings are creators, they choose their own worlds, they create their environments and mould their lives the way they want it.

Throughout [Black Square], the audience will intimately meet the performers and get to know them.

The audience/performers relationship is at the core of the piece: they rely on each other, trust each other, and challenge and tease each other. The performers need the faith of the audience to exist, faith in the human abilities to transcend the everyday life to make it meaningful.

Artists give an impression on the world, a testimony of what they perceive: each member of the audience must do the rest of the work and find his own interpretation.

Publicity photos: 1 - [Black Square] - Photo credit: Carmen Read 2 - [Black Square] - Photo credit: Bacchus Lee 3 - [Black Square] - Photo credit: Bacchus Lee Production photos: 1 - [Black Square] - Photo credit: Bacchus Lee 2 - [Black Square] - Photo credit: Bacchus Lee 3 - [Black Square] - Photo credit: Carmen Read