At the Ark at Eight
Masterskaya Theatre (Russia)

At the Ark at Eight

24 - 25 February 2012, 8pm
Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore
$30 | $19

(Asian Premiere)

At the Ark at Eight is a contemporary, widely popular play by German playwright Ulrich Hub. It depicts the story of three young penguins who, upon learning of the impending Great Flood, are faced with the question, “What do we do if there are three of us and only two tickets to Noah’s Ark?” Through the rambunctious and passionate performances of the young actors, the work seeks to present the audience with questions on the value of human life, justice and free will, as the individual characters search for their own responses.

Relationship to Art & Faith

In 2006, a German publishing house announced a contest for a new play for children’s theatre on the subject of religion. Ulrich Hub’s play At the Ark at Eight won the contest and was declared the best play of the year. It is based on the story of the Deluge and Noah’s Ark, but in it we also hear a contemporary voice, which Masterskaya Theatre seeks to capture in their production. The play tells the story of how, in a world bereft of ideals and worthy examples, today’s youth search for God both literally and figuratively, in their attempts to understand how to life. Each person must find their own faith, be it in God or in whatever transcends their own existences and unites them to the rest of the world.